Athletic Dept Info

Athletic Director: Jerry Klekotka Secretary: Mary Parmerlee

Phone: (616) 365-6100 Fax: (616) 361-3494

Athletic Hotline (616) 365-6123

Important Documents:  Travel Release Form,  Physical Forms (Page 1, Page 2)

Philosophy of Athletics

Athletics is part of the total education program at Northview. We realize not everyone can qualify as a participant, but we do realize everyone can benefit from the program. The criteria upon which our program is judged are as follows:

1. Interscholastic participation is a privlege not a right.
2. Participation in athletics is for those who have outstanding physical skills in the respective sport.
3. Success of the program is not determined by the won or loss record.
4. School and community values should be evident throughout the program
5. The school and its community are identified by the publicity generated through its athletic program.
6. The coaching staff, athletes, student body, and adult followers should never act in a manner that would be detrimental to the name of Northview Public Schools


Players and Coaches: Players and coaches shall at all times represent themselves and Northview with honor, proper conduct, and good sportsmanship. They shall understand that competitive rivalries are encouraged but that disrespect for opponents is un-sportsmanlike and lessens the value of the rivalries. They shall confine the competitiveness of the game to the field, and in particular behave properly on the sidelines and in the locker rooms both before and after games. In no way, either by voice, action, or gesture, shall they demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the decisions made. They must never forget that they represent their school.