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Wildcats News · Athlete of the Week–Patricia Schlutt

Patricia Schlutt is the most amazing person in the universe. Patricia is a varsity coxswain for the Northview high school crew team, as well as a varsity runner for the Northview high school cross country team. Patricia began crew freshman year here at Northview, as a rower. Sophomore year, she became a coxswain. This crew season will be her third as a coxswain, and fourth on the crew team altogether. A coxswain’s job is to organize the rowers and have them get the boat on the water. Then, after the boat is launched, a coxswain controls the stroke rate and power, as well as various other things. The reason I say she is the best is her ability to motivate her rowers. She has a way of being nice even when she’s yelling at her rowers to do better.

Patricia coxed the girl’s novice 4 last season. By far, they were the team’s best boat, winning race after race. The other Northview boats never did as well. Patricia has won numerous medals for coxing as well as rowing. One such medal she one only last year as a rower in a 500 meter sprint on an erg. She’s won other medals for excellent coxing and things similar to that.

Patricia loves running, so she joined cross country. She quickly became a varsity runner on the cross country team. The rule on the team is that the seven people with the fastest 5k times become varsity runners. Patricia made it on her first race. Patricia rarely missed practices, and on the days she missed, she ran on her own time. All of her teammates looked up to her as a runner, and friend. There was a practice where each team member wrote down a compliment for one another on a piece of paper, and coach typed it all up for the team members to read. Everyone wrote that Patricia was the nicest person on the team and a great runner. Patricia’s best 5k time was just above 21 minutes.

Patricia has also won several medals for running. She won one such medal on one of the hardest courses of all time, Richmond Park. The course was made up of incredibly steep hills of sand. Patricia was one of the first girls to finish, and won an award.

I think it’s safe to say that Patricia is an incredible athlete. She does a great job as a coxswain on the crew team, building her teammates up and leading them to victory, and she is a great runner, who made it to varsity her first race. She is totally awesome and I hope to see her continue sports through her senior year and into college.