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Boys Varsity Bowling · Athlete of the Week–Bowler Trevor Gregory

Graphic and story by Trevor Suttorp, Multimedia Productions



Trevor Gregory is a 17 year old Senior at Northview High School. This being his 4th year in a row on the varsity team, and his final year, Trevor has plans to go out with a bang. With a competitive spirit and a team of good senior friends, he plans on working with his team to go as far as he can in his final year. The bowling team is in tip-top shape, with veteran players and a coach who is prepared to lead the Wildcat crusade to state.


Looking at his bowling history, Gregory has been playing since he was about 3 years old, when his parents would take him out with the family to the local bowling lanes. “When I was 4, I actually bowled at Lowell Lanes on the Bumper League!” Gregory says with a laugh. “I actually won $20 and took 1st place, so I stuck with it.” His progression from a toddler to present obviously shows. Gregory has 15 years of experience under his belt, and is a great part of his team.


When asked about why he Bowls, Trevor said “Bowling is my medium. It’s my way of venting, and relaxing. It calms me down.” Gregory has also been a part of the Cross Country team, but prefers to bowl. This is his sport. He enjoys the game so much, that he says bowling would definitely be in his future; however, he has already enlisted in the Marines. That is his current priority and perhaps his biggest personal goal.


In his Senior year, Trevor’s goals are to shoot a 300 game and go to state with his team. “State is definitely a possibility!” he says. Trevor is confident in his team’s ability to rise above and make an appearance at the state conference at the end of the season. He says his team is, for the most part, a cooperative bunch. “The coach is a funny, yet serious guy. He’s good. Our team likes to listen and learn most of the time, but sometimes we aren’t good listeners.” You can tell the bowling team has a bit of Senior spirit. They are there to play well but have fun at the same time.


Gregory says his game is the best it has ever been. He feels comfortable with his playing style and stance. He has some tips for future bowlers. “If I had to choose just one great tip, it’s to follow through on your shot while staying square. It’s all about posture.” Gregory is confident that this is the best bit of advice he can give and he believes that it is the key to a perfect game.


Trevor Gregory still has games left in his season, and as he pushes forward, he hopes his team gets one step closer to making state. He is definitely feeling the weight that his goals for the season carry. At this time, it’s go big or go home. For him, senior year is a reality. “I’m just going to take this as far as I can,” he says. “and I’m going to enjoy every last second!”


– Trevor Suttorp VNN